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This looks great, can't wait to see how this game turns out

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Wow, coming from the creators of 'Grandma' and '126 Chamber st',I am super happy with this comment

@bgrateful32 Thanks for the follow, followed you back XD

Couldn't just leave without dropping a comment. 

I got the chance to test the game, this is something incredible in making. Great  part of it I got an opportunity to be a Zombi character in the game though I'm covid 19 negative 😜😜. Great work so far Giulio. A must try game to mission/war gamers😉. 

#covid_19_fallout #Zombi_positive #Lockdown_gamer #Stay_@_home #Gulio #Zoolean

Thanks Chenge, I will be adding you as a Zombie a little later...Got your photo and one liner.