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This is a very early pre - alpha version 2.8 - I am uploading just to get some feedback. I may opensource the project at a later stage as there are some pretty cool mechanics in the code that I want to implement. Many of those components are not yet active in this version..

Don't download this if you are looking for a complete game.

The idea is simply to find some direction and will interest developers more then gamers

I have not even implemented anti-aliasing or shadows as of yet, there is not even a skybox or proper collision behaviour...collision is really buggy.

But in any event, if you want to know what a game looks like in the early stages of development, please download, test, make a youtube video, I really don't mind...

This concept is far from completion...but it will eventually be a sandbox multiplayer game with some RPG elements.

The game takes place in another dimension after travelling through a black whole.

There you will meet some interesting and creepy monsters.

Hitler makes an appearance as an Easter Egg.

See if you can find him...

Oh btw, there are 2 exits to the starting area... see if you can find them as I have included some puzzle elements into the game.

Also, I plan on introducing some minecraft inspired mechanics sometime in the future but they do not exist right now...

This game is made with a CC3D Engine. Copper Cube creates a greet starting point for programmers as you can complete a lot of the work through the GUI.

I purchased the source code through the premium distribution of for CC3D so that I can modify the engine when and however I please... Definitely a good investment, but it cost me quite a pretty penny.

However, I don't recommend anybody trying to use CC3D for serious projects without knowing at least the basics of programming as the important stuff needs to be scripted, for example, fall damage and many AI behaviours.

AI is very limited with this engine and you will need to buy mesh and animation conversion software...or at least install the buggy blender extensions if you are not prepared to pay for premium conversion software.

Install instructions

Simply download the .exe and click it to execute...you may have to run as administrator. File size is over 250 mb and requires an I5 processor and a Nvidia 670 graphics card (minimum)

PC Windows only

Game is still quite heavy and not well optimized.


Marsh Town Madness.exe (227 MB)